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Each item you see here is made by me. Some were created during my classes, while others come from existing patterns or from those I've drafted myself. Every piece has its unique details, and I adjust them as needed to ensure a perfect fit. My journey of learning and growth is ongoing. I am near the end of an advanced study, and am constantly exploring various patterns, materials, and techniques to enhance my skills.

I specialise in bespoke clothes that prioritise comfort and express confidence. I work with natural materials like cotton, linen and silk, made with passion and consciousness towards the environment.

Girls' Skirt
Girls' Skirt:
Sequins Skirt
Sequins Skirt:
Skirt with Godets
Skirt with Godets:
Trousers - simple model
Trousers - simple model:
Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress:
Summer Blouse
Summer Blouse:
Girls' Dress with Lace
Girls' Dress with Lace:
Beach Tunic
Beach Tunic:
Men's Tunic
Men's Tunic:
Men's Checkered Tunic
Men's Checkered Tunic:
Checkered Tunic
Checkered Tunic:
Sleeveless Summer Dress
Sleeveless Summer Dress:
Boys' Shirt
Boys' Shirt:
Tunic linen
Tunic linen:
Tunic Popover
Tunic Popover:
Royal Blue Dress
Royal Blue Dress:
Woolen Jumper
Woolen Jumper:
Men's Checkered Shirt
Men's Checkered Shirt:

If you resonate with the pieces you see here and would like to collaborate with me on creating or adjusting a garment, please get in touch.