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Alterations Made Flawless

You may own a beautiful garment, but getting the perfect fit can be tricky. It may be from your favourite designer or brand. Or maybe it is made from delicate fabric, and you need it to be altered with care. Whether it's a dress, skirt or trousers that needs precise alterations or requires a personal touch, I'm here to help.

Most of the items featured here are made from delicate fabrics and all needed alterations. These included making them snugger or shorter (such as altering hems, sleeves, or straps), replacing parts, or adding unique accessories.

Bodysuit lining
Bodysuit lining:
Silk Dress
Silk Dress:
Versatile Skirt
Versatile Skirt:
Evening Dress Pearl
Evening Dress Pearl:
Blazer Sleeves
Blazer Sleeves:
Silk Trousers
Silk Trousers:
Evening Dress
Evening Dress:
Silk Summer Dress
Silk Summer Dress:
Office trousers
Office trousers:
Elegant Blazer Sleeves
Elegant Blazer Sleeves:
Sequins Long Skirt
Sequins Long Skirt:
Summer Dress
Summer Dress:
Blazer Americana Sleeves
Blazer Americana Sleeves:

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