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About me

Welcome to the Masked Seamstress - Tailoring by Adriana - sewing in Sibiu, the heart of Transylvania!

Meet Adriana Horstman

I am an independent entrepreneur who loves tailoring garments that fit and look great. My journey began during a time of global challenge as the pandemic changed the way we lived and connected, when lockdowns made me realise the power of self-reliance and adaptability. In those uncertain times, I picked up a needle and thread and started my sewing venture, not just to tailor garments but also for weaving my dreams into reality. And, as the name "Masked Seamstress" implies, I still take health precautions seriously because your well-being is important to me.

Each part of the tailoring process is something I genuinely enjoy. From choosing and altering patterns to sourcing materials and sewing the fabric. It takes focus, patience, and attention to detail. I tailor each piece to fit different body shapes perfectly, whether it's a dress, skirt, tunic, or trousers. Sometimes, my engineering background helps with innovative solutions and precise pattern-making.

Working with natural materials is important to me because I care about sustainability and the environment. I believe in quiet luxury, where simplicity and quality matter more than excess. Each piece I create reflects this philosophy, ensuring my designs are not only beautiful and functional but also respectful of the world we live in.

I grew up in a village near Amsterdam and moved to Sibiu in 2008. This experience has broadened my horizons and continues to shape my perspective. I'm always eager to learn and improve my skills. I speak Dutch, English, Romanian, and German.

I look forward to working with you, bringing creativity, comfort, and connection to every piece I make!

Feel free to browse through my collection, and please contact me if you want more information.