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In addition to my custom-made items, I invite you to explore a range of carefully crafted accessories. From stylish summer hats and hand-knitted beanies & mittens, to versatile bags, bikinis and unique gifts, my creations are designed to elevate your style.

I also offer custom services for your home, like adjusting curtains, creating bespoke bedding and unique pillowcases, and designing various home decor articles. Let me bring your vision to life and add a personal touch to your living space.

The Joy of Knitting and Crocheting

Wrap yourself in cozy elegance with handmade socks, beanies, mittens and shawls. My adventure in knitting and crocheting began when I taught myself these crafts, and I absolutely adore them. I've made a variety of models, some by following existing patterns (such as from Drops Design, Little Tree, and Log Cabin) and others from my own designs.

Sun Hat for Kids
Sun Hat for Kids:
Hand bag
Hand bag:
Cotton Crochet Shawl
Cotton Crochet Shawl:
Knitted Woollen Socks
Knitted Woollen Socks:
Beanies & Mittens
Beanies & Mittens:
Sunflower Crochet Bag
Sunflower Crochet Bag:
Gift Bags
Gift Bags:
Woollen Beanies
Woollen Beanies:

If you resonate with the items you see here and would like to collaborate with me, please get in touch.